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best love shayari

BEST LOVE SHAYARI UPDATE 2019: The word “best love Shayari” can denote to variation of different sensations, conditions, and attitudes from relational love “I love that suppertime”. It can denote to an emotion of a strong attraction and special part. It can also be a feature on behalf of human kindness, concern, and love.

A person can say to best love an entity, attitude or target to which they are extremely loyal and great importance. People can also love material objects, any human being or activities if they devote themselves in attachment or then recognizing with those things.

Best Love Shayari in Urdu, English, Hindi style, if you want to gain the best love Shayari and sharing it with your buddies before we are offering latest collection of the best authentic Shayari for Love like that English Best Love Shayari, Latest Love Shayari, Hindi Love Shayari, Urdu Love Shayari, Four Best Love Shayari lines and Two Best Love Shayari, Whatsapp Best Love Shayari, Facebook Best Love Shayari, Best Love SMS, Best Love Status. I hope you liked this Best Shayari collection that the different emotions enabling for the man to express the expression from the base of the Heart complete words.

Relational love denotes to love between human beings. It is a more than strong feeling than a humble love for additional. Relational affection is most carefully related to interpersonal interactions. Such best love may be amid couples, friends, family members.

Some quotations and design of Love.

  • “Affection doesn’t create the globally go around, love is what creates the journey valuable.”
  • But the presence in love is different from loving completely those around you. Love is very tough to define. This understated sensation may happen because of a single see, aroma, words, speech or look.
  • The Physical look plays a big part in the original charm. Although love is not only a physical charm; it is a mystical and expressive as physical.
  • You will be pleased every time the person you are in affection with recognizes you. You know it is nobody but love.



Best Love Shayari



  • Ye Mujy Chain  Q Nae Parta

ik He ShakHs Tha Jahan Men Kya?


  • Har Kisi Sy Muhbt Hamari Fitrat Men Nahi H

Par Jab Kisi Ko Chahty Hen Tu Zindgi War Dety Hen


  • Apna Zamana Ap Bnaty Hen Ahl-e-Dil

Ham Wo Nahi k Jin Ko Zamana Bna Gya


  • Kitni Mehdod C H Dunia Meri

Ik Men Hon ik Muhbat Teri


  • Nahi Pasand Muhbat Men  Milawat Muj ko

Agar Wo Mera H Tu Khwab B Mery Dekhy



Best Love Shaayri


  • Lipat Jaty Hen Wo Bhijli K Dar Sy

Ilahi Ye Ghata DO Din Tu Barsy


  • Kitni Lambi Khamoshi Sy Guzra Hun

Un Sy Kitna Kuch Kehny Ki Koshish Ki


  • Andaz Apna Dekhty Hen Aainy Men WO

Or Ye B Dekhty Hen K Koi Dekhta Na Ho


  • Bara Shor Suna Karty Thy Pehlo Men Dil Ka

Jo Chera To ik Katra Khon Na Nikla


  • khud Py Beti To Roty Ho Siskty Ho

Wo Jo Ham Ny KIya Tha Kya Ishq Nahi Tha


  • Bht Nazdeek Aty Ja Rahy Ho

Bhicharny Ka Irada Kar Liya kya



Best Love Shayari

  • khyal Jis Ka Tha Mujy Khyal Men Mila Mujy

Sawal Ka Jawab Bhi Sawal Men Mila Mujy


  • Mera is Sher-e-Adwat Men Basera H Faraz

Jahan Log Sajdon Men B logon Ka Bura Sochty HeN


  • Ap k Bad Har Ghari Ham Ny

Ap k Sath He Tu Guzari H


  • Aye Dost Ham Ny Tark-e-Muhabt k Bawjod

Mehsos Ki H Teri Zarort kabi kabi


  • Aye Zooq Dekh Dukhtar Zar Ko Munh Na Laga

Chotni Nae H Munh Sy Ye Kafir Lagi Hoe



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