Friendship shayari For Best Friends (Boys & Girls)

friendship shayari

FRIENDSHIP SHAYARI UPDATE VERSION 2019: Friendship Shayari is a relationship of common love between two or additional alive effects. Friendship is a stronger procedure of relational promise than a suggestion.

Two importance features create the development of friendship possible.

  • Closeness, which means being near sufficient to watch every other or do things together; and
  • Opportunities to share thoughts and special feelings with every supplementary.

Commonly, friendship has two scopes quality and struggle.

  • The quality of friendship is significant for a person’s well-being.
  • High-quality friendships have good ways of deciding to struggle and better relationships.

Friendship Shayari associate some better peace of the life relationship.

“An actual friend is one who walks in when the relaxation of the world walks out.”

“The healthier part of one’s life contains his friendship.”

“The love of my life is love amid friends.”

What can friendship bounce?

Friendship bounce of the special movements for the enjoying the life relationship with the bond of the two-person good relationship.

One Line Friendship Shayari For Status

Best points give with the bottom of the edge in the friendship Shayari relation relate.

  • Absorb new skills.
  • Discovery understanding and support.
  • Behaviors to feel required and valuable.
  • You can be yourself.

What creates a good friendship?

  • Sharing and interested.
  • Sharing feelings.
  • Understanding and sensitivity.
  • Forgiveness and patience.

Facebook Status for Friend

Friendship Shayari is the best part of your life, you have to share the information express the feelings with different criteria base like that friend’s relative Shayari sharing of the English, Urdu, and Hindi with social media connection with stylish format through.

  • While my friends continuously create me hurt, they are still my friends.
  • I actually don’t care about my feeling. I just need my friends happy. Love you all.
  • A good friend is solid to find, solid to miss and difficult to forget.
  • God does not make friends. We obtain them.
  • Your life is sacred if you have a faithful friend.
  • Friendship is said to be and skill and very some peoples are said to be born with a usual ability for it.



Freindship Shayari


  • Na Jany kis Bat Py Wo Ham Sy Naraz Hen

Khwab Men B Milty Hen Tu Bat Nae Karty


  • Kesi Ki Yad Men Itna Udas Na Howa Kar

Log Naseeb Sy Milty Hen Udasiyon sy Nahi


  • Mangi Thi Ham Ny Khuda Sy Muhbat Ki Zindgi

Khuda  Ny Tm Sy Mila kar Zindgi Ko Hi MuhbAt Bna Diya


  • Otar Jaty Hen Kuch Log Dil Men IS Qadar

Jin ko Dil Sy Nikalo Tu Jan Nikalti H



Friendship Shayari


  • Ankh k Pass Naahi  Tu Na Sahi

Han Magar Dil k Bht Pass Ho Tum


  • Aye Dil BHol Ja Pagal Dunia Sy Dil Lagana

Wafa Karo To Saza Dety Hen Khamosh Raho Tu Bhola Dety Hen


  • Os Ny Pocha Kya Pasand H Tmhen

Men Bht Dair Tak Osy Dekhta Raha


  • Mery Qisy Men Tum Aty Ho

Mery Hissy Men Q Nae Aty


  • Qasid Ny Di Khaber K Wo Aen Gy Raat Ko

Itna kya ChIragan k Ghr Tak Jala Diya


  • Yaqeen Karo Koi Majbori Nahi Hoti

Log Adtan Wafa Nae Karty



Frienship Shayari


  • Dil Sy Na Mit Saka Ik Zamany k Bad Bhi

Wo Yad A Raha H Aj Bholany k Bad BHI


  • Jal Rahy Hen Ham Kisi kI Yad Men Esy K

Nend Tu A Rahi Hai Magar Dil Sony Nahi Deta


  • Mily Ga Kya Dil Men Nafraten Rakh Kar

Bari Mukhtasir C Hai Zindgi Muskara k Mil Karo


  • Bary Wady karty Thy Log Omar Bhar Sath Nhibany ka

Abi Zinda Hen Tu Bhola Dya. Agr Mar Jaty Tu Kya Hota?


  • Chor Do Kisi Sy Wafa ki Umeed Karna

Jo Roth Sakty Hen Wo Bhol B Sakty Hen


  • Meri Tabahiyon Men Tera Hath H Magar

Men Sab Sy Keh Raha Hun K Muqadar Ki Bat H


  • Teri Ik Khushi Ki Khatir Men Ny Kitny Gham Chupaye

Agar Bar Bar Rota Tu Tera Shehar DOob Jata
















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